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What If the Father is Not a Christian?
Instructions regarding family discipleship in the Bible assume a believing father in the home. This is not always the case. In those instances where the father is not a believer, the mother should assume this role. This initiative on the part of the mother must be done in a non-offensive and non-threatening way.

What About a Single Parent Family?
In this case the responsibility falls to the single parent. This is a heavy burden to bear in addition to many other duties, but know that God will supply great grace and will more than make up for any natural deficiency we may perceive.

What If My Kids Are Very Young?
Having very young children will change the dynamic of family worship considerably. Remember that the goal for every child in the family is not the same. With very young children, the goal is not understanding all matters of doctrine, but impressing upon them the importance of family worship (and God).

How Do I Keep Things Interesting If the Age of My Children Varies Widely?
For young children, try to include them as much as possible and appropriate. All members of the family can pray and sing (at least some songs). Allow younger children to read when possible. For the older children, try including them in the teaching and application of the Scripture reading for the rest of the family and in the leadership of prayer and singing on occasion. Older children can help explain spiritual concepts to younger siblings.

What Time of Day Is Best for Family Worship?
The time of day is not the most critical element of family worship. Some families prefer to worship as the day begins. For others, the morning hours are simply too hectic for family worship and evening may work best. Many families prefer to adjoin family worship to the evening meal since all the family may be present at that time. The time of day is far less important than consistency.

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