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To make a lasting habit of family worship remember, keep it simple. Many parents are intimated at the prospects of conducting a worship service in their home. Keeping family worship simple can relieve some of these anxieties. Consider including the following simple elements:

Read a portion of the Word together, either chapter-by-chapter or a selection provided in a devotional guide. If children are present, allowing them to read can be of great benefit to them. Explain difficult words and concepts. After reading the Word together, work through a simple process of examining what has been read. First, what did the passage say to the original readers? Second, what does the passage mean for all time? Third, how does this passage apply to us as individuals, as a family, and as a church?

There is no set prescription for prayer in family worship. If you have a guide that encourages specific areas of prayer, follow that. Alternatively, you may pray through the acronym ACTS, voicing prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication (prayer for needs). Try to include everyone as you pray, even if this is on a rotating basis. Additionally, you may want to maintain a prayer journal that enables you to keep track of prayer requests and God's answers to those requests.

Sing together as a family. Again, songs may be suggested through a devotional guide or you may select your own. If someone in the family has musical gifts, they may learn to play several simple songs for family worship. However, if no one in your family is musical, either use a recording or sing a cappella.

Whether a verse (or verses) is suggested or selected by a family member, work on it together. The beginning of the week may be spent both understanding and memorizing the verse. By the end of the week, allow everyone to repeat the verse. Review of verses may be carried out over the course of the year.

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