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Taking Notes
Why do you take notes during Sunday messages? If it's just for your own personal growth or to help you remember, then you're missing half the opportunity of the message. These notes and your Bible are tools you can use everyday to teach others how to follow Christ.

When you listen and take notes knowing you are going to share the information with someone else, it changes the way you engage in the teaching time. Going "beyond the blanks" when you take notes will help you get the most of a message or lesson.

Write the reference. Whenever you hear a scripture reference, write it down to refer to later.

Names, dates, places. When you hear examples or background information, write down important facts like names, dates and places. They can form a trail of “bread crumbs” to jog your thoughts when you review later on.

Questions? Does hearing something during a lesson sometimes spur a question for you? Well, you likely can’t interrupt the sermon to ask, but write down questions that come into your mind during a lesson so you can follow up later on to find the answers.

The power of the line. Underlining especially poignant thoughts, Bible verses or phrases, and application points lets you emphasize for yourself what God is teaching you.

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